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Oct. 5th, 2007 07:19 pm
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Title:  A parent's love
Summary: Dick regrets his mistakes and Roy gets to see what he has missed.
Pairings, characters: Dick/Roy, Bruce, Alfred. Later: Bruce/Clark
Rating, this part : PG-13
Warnings: None
Words: 1,703
Part of the power verse
Notes: Used to be called 'Robin's beginning', but I changed it. 
Disclaimer: Don't own. Dammit. 

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Title: Of fire and wings
Summary: The clan have to move on, away from their sheltered paradise after their home was destroyed along with nearly all of its inhabitants, they end up in the middle of a power struggle, which could turn into war. 
Warnings: Crack and serious AU-ness. There also will be slash, but that comes later.
Characters: Talia, Lady Shiva, Nyssa, Chesire, Cass, Dick, Lian, Tim, Jason, Alfred and Bruce, for now. (yes you read right) 
Rating: For now PG-13
Disclaimer: DC owns all. 
Notes: Okay, this bunny really will not leave me alone, it keeps attacking my brain and I have to admit I enjoyed writing this, no matter how much shame it brings me. I have so many possibilities running through my brain it hurts but I have to know if you want me to continue this or not, because you guys are my reading audience and it's only fair. (and I think I need a break from the darkness of my previous post) 

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Part of [personal profile] cero_ate 's cliche fics. 

Sequal to the first De-age fic: here

Title: Chocolate sauce.
Summary: Damian finds out how evil Jason is and the magic isn't permanent.
Words: 927
Disclaimer: I do not own.

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Title: Robin's beginning.
Characters: Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Alfred, John and Mary Grayson.
Summary: When Dick's parents die his belief in life fades away, but the emerge of unexpected powers brings him and two of the most unlikely heroes together.
Warnings: None
Chapter 2: Welcome home Dick.
Disclaimer: I do not own

First part here 


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