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Title: Fly to the Future (1/3)
Summary: A Robin is misplaced in time, and while the ripples still effect the present future, perhaps things can be fixed forward in time, to save the past.
Characters (so far): Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Selina Kyle. 
Rating: PG-13 (brief language). 
Warnings: None. 
Words: 1,241 
Notes: Actually inspired by [personal profile] pervyficgirl's and [personal profile] cero_ate's '5 Alternate Ways Jason came back'. Go read. The parts been posted yet anyway.^^   
Disclaimer: I do not own.

Flying while he was Robin was so much different than flying with his parents.
On the trapeze he had always felt safe, always knowing that his parents would catch him on that swing, but when he was with Batman there was no guarantee that the Dark Knight could always be there to catch him when guns were flying and thugs were swinging their fists. 
It was dangerous.
And that was why Dick felt so proud that Bruce had let him become his partner.
It meant that he trusted him.
Sometimes Dick felt that he had broken that trust, that Bruce would take the Robin costume away. Even after three years of being Robin Dick felt that insecurity, but all it took was a promise, extra training and a few kind words from Alfred and that awful feeling would go away.
But as soon as he saw the purple light head towards him he knew that he would be in a lot of trouble after the effects of the spell wore off. Batman had told him to stay in the car, but he had thought he could help, prove himself to Superman and Wonder Woman that he was worthy to be Batman’s partner.
He just hadn’t counted on the magical villain being that fast.
Just before he was engulfed in purple light Dick swore he heard Batman call out his name with more emotion than he had ever heard from the man before.
Yep, definitely in a lot of trouble.
 It had been a very productive night.
With the bag in her belt almost full, filled with pretty expensive things, Selina appreciated the presents Gotham had to offer.
It didn’t matter that she would return them in a few days time, but it was always nice to admire the efforts of a thrilling and successful hunt could bring.
Besides, if she went out again to return them, maybe she would run into the Bat this time, preferably without that new Robin of his. There was something off about that Robin, the bird wasn’t supposed to be that much like the bat; and she missed the puns the first had given her, and even the snarky, lewd remarks the second had dished out.
Yet she silently hoped that this Robin didn’t suffer the same fate the first two had. She still enjoyed to ruffle a few feathers after all.
With the reassuring weight in her belt easing her worries she leapt across rooftops at graceful speeds and nearly missed the strange flash of purple above a rooftop to the left of her.
She paused unsurely, not certain if she had imagined it or not, purple sparks didn’t normally ignite in the air on their own after all.
Feeling her curiosity get the better of her, Catwoman changed direction and jumped over to the accused roof, reaching out with her senses and wondering why the temperature just dropped a few degrees.   
Catwoman took a cautious step forward before jumping back in surprise as a flash of violet light exploded out from in front of her, blinding her for a few seconds as the world tipped on its axis.
When she lowered her arms and blinked her eyesight back into existence she felt her mouth drop open and suddenly all thoughts were wiped from her mind.
Oh. My. God.
She watched the first Robin fall to the floor unconscious in front of her.
This cannot be happening.
“This isn’t happening!” Jason crossed his arms and glared at the man before him. “I am not going to Gotham!”
His newest trainer for the month, a man who specialized in knives, narrowed his eyes. “It is the perfect environment to further increase your training. I do not know why you have such a vendetta against that city, but if you want to learn how to fight with knives then you will follow me to Gotham.”
“Fuck you old man.” Jason growled. “I’m not going anywhere.”
“Fine, have it your way. But I am leaving tomorrow whether you like it or not, and I will leave you behind.”  
Seeing no choice Jason growled angrily and threw his hands up in the air. “Just don’t say that I didn’t warn you, that city will end up killing us both. It has a habit of doing that.”
The man raised an eyebrow. “Perhaps, but this time you will be ready. I will teach you to kill before anyone even thinks about ending your life.”
Jason considered… and thought that he could live with that.
Being so small, Selina figured that it should be easy enough to carry him back to her apartment, but she had forgotten that muscle usually weighed more than it looked, and kid or not, he was Bat trained.
Placing him gently onto her couch, she still couldn’t believe that the original Boy Wonder was here, alive and well. The exact same age since she last saw him, all those years ago, but Batman had said that he had disappeared, maybe he had just been brought back.
Shaking her head she removed her mask and raked a clawed hand through her hair, unable to take her eyes off of the sleeping boy with the ridiculous costume and remembered being so full of life.
She wondered if this meant that the second Robin was alive too.
Selina sighed and took the bag off her belt, no longer interested in the pretty diamonds she had stolen; too worried about the boy and how she was going to deal with him once he woke up. He had never been too fond of her, ever since he had caught her kissing Batman after a heist.
She smiled fondly at the memory and suddenly wondered how old the little bird was anyway. The mask and armour the heroes wore always made them seem older than they really were, well, with the younger ones anyway, and Catwoman suddenly got the strong urge to remove his mask.
It wouldn’t hurt, he’s asleep. Besides, I didn’t have to help him, but I did. So I think that I deserve some sort of reward.
Grinning to herself she knelt by him and gently peeled the mask away, comforted by the knowledge that he was unconscious and not just sleeping. It came off in one clean peel and Selina peered at him, taking time to have a good look at his features.
Batman sure does train them young. Was her first thought, since Robin had been out on the streets a couple of years before he had disappeared. He couldn’t be more than twelve, perhaps even as young as nine or ten, and Selina wondered what the Bat had been thinking sending out a kitten to fight where the dogs liked to play.
Her second thought was that she didn’t recognise the face, she didn’t know why she should, she didn’t know many young children now, let alone remember any faces from years before, but she couldn’t stop disappointment from rising when Robin still remained a mystery to her. It would be nice to know his name.  
Selina stood up and decided on a course of action. There was no way she could find the Bat at this hour, she would have to wait until tomorrow, but in the mean time she could get some rest herself and tomorrow make breakfast for two. Food was always the way to a man’s heart.


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